Computer simulation for drug discovery investigates a number of combination between the target protein and chemicals. The result of such simulation(computaion) is generally a sequence of numerical numbers. For the reason, visualization of simulation computation results is essential for researchers and scientists who uses computer simulation for drug discovery. Fruthermore, as more than hundreds of thousands of combinations of chemical and protein is treated in the realitic situation, visualization technique and technology that can offer results of computer simulation for drug discovery. In this study, from such a perspective, we have developed a visualization technology for docking simulation using large-scale visualization device.
This study had been conducted through UCSD PRIME program, an internship program for UCSD undergraduate.

Research achivements(Paper)

  • Christopher D. Lau, Marshall J. Levesque, Shu Chien, Susumu Date, and Jason H. Haga, “ViewDock TDW: High-throughput Visualization of Virtual Screening Results”, Bioinformatics, Vol.26, No. 15, pp. 1915-1917, 2010.