Susumu Date, Ph.D

Associate Professor since 2008. I received Ph.D. from Osaka University in 2002. I was Assistant Professor of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology(IST) at Osaka University from 2002 to 2005. I also had worked as a visiting scholar in University of California, San Diego in 2005. From 2005 to 2008, I had worked on the internationalization of education in the Graduate School of IST as a Specially-Appointed Associate Professor.


We have been promoting research and development on resource management technology that treats processor, storage and network resources comprehensively, by regarding the interconnect of cluster system as dynamically controllable resource.   In particular, this study introduces Software Defined Networking (SDN),…【続きを読む】

Docking simulation investigates whether a chemical compound and a protein can be bonded or not. In practical situation, a number of combination of them are investigated. In this study, we aim to contribute to this scientific field as well as…【続きを読む】

Recently, the improvement of measurement devices and the advance of processor techology have been increasing data to be treated in the scientific research. This situation has been producing the increasing needs on viaualization technology that allows scientists to intuitively understand…【続きを読む】

By controlling the interconnect of a cluster system as a dynamically controllable resource, we have been promoting research on technology and technique for optimization and streamlining of inter-process communication occured during distributed and parallel computing. In particular, this study focuses…【続きを読む】

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    On April 6 2021, Intel has announced the third generation Xeon Scalable Processor (Ice Lake). Finally, we can reveal the information on processors on SQUID at the Cybermedia Center at Osaka University. The detail of SQUID will beavailable here. On…【続きを読む】

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    On March 30 2021, SQUID rack design contest announced the best design award. There were lots of excellent designs for SQUID and we had much difficulty in selecting awards. SQUID rack design contest (official weg page) is available here.

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    In the Cyber HPC Symposium 2021 held on March 16 2021, I gave the following talk on Osaka U’s next supercomputing system named SQUID and the future direction towards Academia-Industry Collaboration and Co-creation. Susumu Date, “Towards Operation Commencement of SQUID…【続きを読む】

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