High-bandwidth video streaming receiver for tiled display system

In this study we had promoted research and development of uncompressed high-definition video streaming receiving/displaying system, targeting Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) -based tiled display system. This study was conducted as a joint collaboration with NTT Network Innovation Lavoratories.
The research achievement and result was showcased at the Cybermedia Center’s research booth in SC08 conference/exhibition. In the demonstration at SC we delivered high-quality video from uncompressed HD video transmission system named i-visto from Osaka in Japan to Austin Texas in USA and then displayed it on the tiled display system deployed at the CMC’s research booth.


Graduation Thesis

    • Seiki Kuwabara, “タイルドディスプレイのための非圧縮 HDTV 受信システムの設計と実装”, 大阪大学大学院情報科学研究科博士前期課程修士学位論文, Feb. 2009.